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We are Tender Writers with vast knowledge of Perth and Western Australian Tenders. We develop Tender Win Themes and deliver structured and well presented Tenders that are compelling to read and show your company's full capabilities. We understand the Perth business market proven by our success record.

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Tender Writer Perth discussing strategy to maximise win chances

Tender Writer Perth

Tender Writer Perth WA, a promotion by MyConsulting Pty Ltd offer a range of expert tender services designed to help you get the most out of your business proposal. These range from business consulting, to tender reviews to full tender writing. Our reliable and timely tender preparation services enable you to actively participate in a review of your tender, performed by a specialist with active management experience.

Tender writing is a highly involved process. While many individuals see writing their own tender as cheaper and easier, they often don't realise the amount of time and detail that goes into writing a potentially winning tender. Professional tender writers may be your best bet at producing as good a tender as you need, using expert copy skills and a knowledge of what makes good tenders tick.

Although the initial cost of outsourcing the tender writing process may seem high, it can ultimately save you time and money and protect you from the commercial mistakes that inexperienced tenderers often make. A professional writer is a worthwhile investment, and is claimable on tax – the benefits are numerous.

In Perth we specialise in:

Mining Tenders, Council Tenders, Cleaning Tenders, Plant and Machinery Hire, Plumbing Tenders, Construction Tenders - just to name a few.

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Tender consulting is great for those who have some tender writing experience of their own, and are looking to improve their skills. Our specialist writers have extensive experience in their field, and are more than willing to share their knowledge to improve your existing skills and chances of winning. This can be a wise investment if you're looking to write your own tenders more often in the future. Tender Writer Perth is available on 0411 717 460 to discuss your tender requirements.

Tender Preparation
Tender preparation requires extensive attention to detail. The instructions in a request for tender must be followed to the letter, lest your bid suffer the consequences. Many companies invest significantly in their tendering abilities - a single mistake can damage the entire process, putting your chances of winning in jeopardy. Outsourcing to a professional ensures your bid is fully compliant, thanks to their careful attention to detail and know-how.

Outsourcing to a professional tender writer may seem expensive at first, but consider the cost of preparing your tender in house. Unless you've got professional writing experience and specialised tender writing skills on your team, you may be making a costly mistake. The consequences of making a single mistake in preparing the tender can put the entire tendering process at rick, derailing the perceived benefits of drafting your own tender. Consider the contract value of the tender, then compare it to the cost of hiring a professional tender writer – it makes sense, doesn't it?

Tender Review Service
Our Tender Review Service reviews a tender you have written, passing it under the scrutiny of a professional tender writer. In one easy process, you can gain expert opinions on how to improve your bid, reducing the likelihood of any mistakes. Many people prefer the amount of control involved in writing their own tender - our Tender Review Service allows you to do this while tuning up your tender, making it shine.

A tenderer without extensive experience often is open to some serious risks, ranging from wasting valuable time, to being sued for breach of contract as a result of poorly considered written content. We can review your tenders to ensure that these mistakes are less likely to occur in the scope of your tender.

Tender Writing Rates

  • $1,495+
  • Usually for Sole Operators, Trades and Smaller Tenders
  • RFT is 15 - 30 pages
  • 2-7 days turnaround
  • Email Request
Call Michael: Tap 0411 717 460
  • $2,495+
  • Usually for SME Business, Council or Government tenders
  • RFT is 20 - 40 pages
  • 5-14 days turnaround
  • Email Request
Call Michael: Tap 0411 717 460
  • $4,495+
  • Usually for large companies, Council or Government tenders
  • RFT is 30 - 300 pages
  • 5-21 days turnaround
  • Email Request
Call Michael: Tap 0411 717 460